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Beehive Cheese Announces Deepened Partnership With Gossner Foods

Posted on 12/5/2023
Beehive Cheese Announces Deepened Partnership With Gossner Foods

Uintah, UT, November 28, 2023 - Beehive Cheese, an acclaimed B Corp Certified creamery, has been sourcing their high-quality milk for over 18 years from Gossner Foods, a leader in the dairy industry. Come Summer of 2024, the partnership between these multi-generational, family-owned creameries will expand. Using Beehive Cheese’s recipe for Promontory Cheddar the production of whole wheels will soon take place at Gossner’s Magic Valley creamery. Pioneers in the rubbed rind category, all flavor rubbing and aging will continue at the Beehive Cheese creamery. Partnering with the master cheesemakers at Gossner Foods allows Beehive Cheese to dedicate their full attention to what sets them apart in the realm of specialty cheese – their signature rubbed-rind cheddars. With no jobs being lost during this shift, Beehive Cheese will continue to oversee the cheesemaking process. Not only will the product’s quality remain the same, this expansion allows for positive growth. Through an evolved partnership with Gossner Foods, Beehive Cheese can maintain full ownership of their company, their quality standards, their equipment, and their future. The Ford and Welsh Families founded Beehive cheese in 2005 with 8 days of cheesemaking between the two of them. They built a company rooted in passion and attention to quality with a mission of sharing their award-winning cheese with as many friends as possible. Now, to do so, they need to expand their production. "We have been working with Gossner Foods as our milk supplier since 2005,” tells Beehive Cheese owner and founding partner, Tim Welsh. “Because of the trust we've built over the years and Gossner's example of how to thrive as a family owned company, it was a no-brainer to explore working with them as a cheese making partner. Finding the way forward, this partnership with Gossner Foods removes many of the roadblocks that we've encountered. We can continue making award-winning cheese, minimize debt in expanding our operation, and set the stage for success for our employees and the next generation to grow and thrive.” “This is an exciting opportunity for our experienced cheesemakers to partner with an innovative company that serves a growing niche market. Our relationship with Beehive over the last 18+ years has remained strong because we see eye to eye on quality standards and company values. We're looking forward to this expanded relationship,” said Kristan Earl, Gossner Foods President & CEO. Second generation leader and Beehive Cheese President, Britton Welsh, says of the partnership, “With the next generation of Beehive leadership in place, we’ve been energized to think through how to get to the next level sustainably while staying true to who we are. We’ve seen what can happen when companies sell, take on too much debt, or bring in investors with different goals. Our expanded partnership with Gossner Foods allows us to produce the same high quality cheese, maintain our company culture, and preserve that thing that makes us so special.” B Corp Certified in 2023, this partnership will also strengthen Beehive Cheese’s commitment to the certification standards, allowing them to integrate into Gossner’s state-of-the-art water and waste conservation efforts. Working more closely with Gossner Foods is how Beehive Cheese is finding a way forward, while still maintaining their integrity, staying true to their ethos, and remaining a family-owned and operated company. ### About Beehive Cheese: Beehive Cheese is renowned for elevating cheddar to artisanal excellence, fostering connections through award-winning flavors, including the title of Makers of the Best American Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2021. In 2022, they earned the Slow Food Snail of Approval and B Corp certification, setting them apart as one of seven American cheesemakers. Their achievements continued in 2023, securing top positions at the American Cheese Society Awards and earning gold and bronze awards at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards, and silver and bronze awards at the World Cheese Awards.. With a refreshing willingness to try new things, innovation has catapulted 18-year-old Beehive Cheese into the national spotlight. Pioneers in the American Cheese movement and explorers of flavor profiles, Beehive Cheese creates superior products with the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Experimenting with the rubbed-rind technique, Beehive Cheese goes where no cheese has gone before.

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